The new oenology combines the use of concrete vats with stainless steel tanks, the use of traditional oak barrels with the innovative insert staves, the use of synthetic corks with natural corks, and the challenging use of indigenous yeast. Our style, our identity is defined by unfiltered wines blended with a percentage of bleed off to enhance them, by 80-year-old vineyards that produce young wines, and by the combination of old oenology techniques and new technological practices.

The winery, our home.

In 1959, the Maza family opened a typical Mendocinian winery built in a traditional style with a capacity of 700,000 liters of concrete vats. Almost 50 years later, it continues to produce wines, but now with a new style.

In 2008, Hector Durigutti together with Guillermo García Lamadrid injected enthusiasm and capital to adjust the winery to Lamadrid project. They decided to keep the traditional 50-year-old building while relying on the advances of the cutting-edge technology. Following this concept, the concrete vats were adapted to take advantage of the thermal inertia. In addition, eighty stainless steel tanks with a controlling-temperature system have been incorporated. Skilled people meticulously selecting the best clusters and the best berries by hand from a conveyor belt guarantees the quality of the raw material that will go into our destemmer and press machines.