Lamadrid Experiences

Duration: 2 hours
Includes: Visit to the winery and vineyards. Wine tasting accompanied by a selection of cheeses and dried fruits.

Through the senses, we will discover the characteristics of three distinct varietals: Bonarda, Malbec & Cabernet Sauvignon. In this experience, you will create a new Blend, mixing your desired
percentages of these varietals in order to create your ideal wine. You will be able to create your own story for the wine, name it as you wish, design its label and finally, cork your own bottle.

Family Blending

While the adults experiment with wines, the little ones may create the label and dress the bottle

Duration: 2 hours
Includes: visit to the winery and vineyards. Wine tasting accompanied by a selection of cheeses and dried fruit.

An activity designed to develop the senses. We will appeal to our sensory memory to taste three wines in black glasses, using only our sense of smell to discover the wine that is hidden in the glass. In this experience we will use aromatic essences such as strawberry, oak, tobacco, citrus, among others, to learn about the aromas that distinguish each varietal. At the end we will discover the wines tasted.

Kids Discovering Aromas

Little ones will be able to play and discover aromas as well

Duration: 2 hours (only during March and April)
Includes: visit to the winery Tasting of three wines from different lines.

Live the experience of direct contact with the fruits of the vine. The moment when grapes ripen and are ready to be harvested is unique and irreplicable. During March and April in Mendoza, we have the opportunity to harvest with scissors, as would the workers in the vineyards. Our vineyards possess a diversity of varietals that offer us the chance to get to know each of their characteristics up close.

Duration: 4 hours (only during March and April) 
Includes: visit to the winery, cooking class and lunch. Premium wine tasting.

Led by our renowned Chef, you will have the chance to discover our typical Argentine flavors. Using only the best and most fresh ingredients and our traditional clay oven, we will learn how to make the typical meat empanadas (as well as vegetarian options), unleashing the secrets of meat, dough, and its concoction. We will accompany this activity with our Premium wines.

Family Cook & Fun

Children are welcome to live this beautiful experience with their parents. We will enjoy a special morning!

Duration: 2 hours (visit and technical tasting, only from January to April).
Includes: visit to the winery and vineyards. Wine tasting.

Accompanied by our sommelier, we will visit our classroom in the vineyard, where we will learn about the 14 varieties of vines and observe the differences and characteristics that define each of them. We will taste the unique flavors of the varietals as we learn about the way in which we care for and manage our vineyards. Then we will visit the winery where the wines will be tasted directly from the tank and barrel, in order to observe the differences in the winemaking processes. Finally there will be a tasting of bottled wines.

Duration: 3 hours
Includes: visit to the winery and vineyards. Tasting accompanied by a selection of cheeses, nuts and dried fruit.

The artist’s inspiration is born from his emotions, and similarly, wine also sparks in us joy, passion and expectations. Combining both art forms, and accompanied by our guest artist, we will have
a painting class where we will learn about colors, shapes and styles. The goal is to be inspired by wine and create whatever our imagination dictates. 

The objective is to be inspired by wine and create whatever our imagination gives us.

Duration: 3 hours 
Includes: tasting of four wines and snacks. 

The beautiful gardens of our winery are the perfect setting to relax and enjoy nature in its maximum splendor. Led by our yoga instructor, we will enjoy an hour of exercise, meditation and introspection. Once relaxed and happy, we will continue enjoying our surroundings; we will be able to visit the vineyards, the winery, and the cellar as well as taste our wines accompanied by healthy snacks to complete an exceptional day. 

Duration: 2 hours
Includes: tasting of four wines and two cigars.

A unique pairing created to introduce us to the world of cigars, starting from how to light them, taste them, followed by all the details to enjoy this new experience. We will pair the cigars with our wines and learn about these sensations. For those with more experience in the field, it will be a chance to discover and pair the cigars with new flavors: our Reserva and Gran Reserva wines that will make this an unforgettable experience. 

Duration: 2 hours
Includes: tasting of four olive oils and one wine.

Accompanied by our olive oil sommelier, you will taste the olive oil produced in-house, sourced from olive trees located on the Lamadrid, Matilde and La Suiza Estates; a blend of three varieties: frantoio, arbequina and arauco. In addition to getting to know the olive trees in our gardens, we will taste the varieties that make up our olive oil, analyzing their organoleptic qualities and then the blend, accompanied by cheeses and breads that will provide the perfect setting for this sensory experience.

Duration: 3 hours
Includes: tasting of 2 cocktails accompanied by a small tapas.

Taking advantage of the freshness and beautiful colors of the wines that make up our Zunzun, Rose, Naranjo and Co-fermented Red wines, we will have a Master Class led by our experienced bartender, who will teach us the secrets of preparing delicious and innovative cocktails with wine.

Includes: basket for 2 people, 1 bottle of wine of your choice from either Los Bocheros or Lamadrid Single Vineyard Classic lines.

Under the shade of our beautiful and ancient willow and olive trees, relax and enjoy the surroundings and the landscape that the garden and vineyards offer us as you enjoy a delicious picnic. You will have the option to choose the wine to accompany a variety of sandwiches and other delicacies. You can also take a guided tour of the winery led by our guides.

Duration: 3 to 4 hours approximately
Includes: visit to the winery and vineyards. 

Different combinations of massages, reiki, mindfulness, beauty tips, picnics, lunches, brunches, etc. A chance to fully enjoy our wines, surroundings, and good food, along with a time for relaxation, rest, inspiration and well-being.