“As we step forward, each step we take is like opening a door to search inside our dreams, our pleasures, our ambitions and our deepest selves. There are doors we open and others that we leave closed to temptations, arrogance and selfishness. Behind each door of our inner self, there is an objective, a goal that blinds and seduces by the glare of their flame… and we stand subdued. In each bottle of Lamadrid we open a door and discover a new world of experiences and sensations that only each of us can understand. The magic, the spell, the enchantment, unique to that special moment. Each toast fills our soul with emotions. In each bottle, we open up to a new moment in our lives, like no other. Lamadrid renders homage to my mother, the woman who opened that door to give me the chance to live and unfold my wings to enjoy the magic of life.”